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iPhone 8 release date 2017, specs, price and more: More details about the front-facing 3D camera emerge

Internet is getting flooded every day with new reports talking about iPhone 8 release date 2017, specs, price and what not. The latest buzz is that Apple may incorporate a front-facing 3D camera into the iPhone 8, and could ditch the physical home button (for a bigger screen) where a fingerprint scanner used to be embedded.

If the speculations turn out to be true, this 3D camera can provide a more advanced security feature such as facial recognition.

Recently, Business Insider obtained many analysts' notes on what their insights are about the rumored iPhone 3D camera.

Apart from the security aspect, Apple is expected to maximize the 3D camera for augmented reality purposes. The report quoted UBS' Steven Milunovich's note to investors, saying, "Investors could be surprised at how AR could reinvigorate the iPhone/iPad and possibly result in new products." He added that the Cupertino-based company enlisted at least 1,000 engineers for an AR-related project now underway in Israel.

Meanwhile, one of the most noted experts on Apple products, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, also provided more possible innovations that the iPhone 8 can deliver through the front-facing 3D camera. According to Kuo, the speculated hardware feature "offers a wide array of potential applications." For example, more interactive 3D games where iPhone 8 owners can stamp their pictures onto the character's head would be a welcome addition.

On the other hand, analyst Andrew Gardiner from Barclays provided more insight on the possible components that could go into the iPhone 8's 3D camera. Gardiner speculates that Apple will most likely use a combination of Time-of-Flight and structured light elements. The former has already been added to iPhone models.

In a diagram provided on the same Business Insider report, the ToF is explained as a component that has the ability to more accurately measure the distance between a sensor and its subject. Structured light, on the other hand, can gather more depth through analyzing the deformation of the camera's captured pattern once light hits the subject.

As before, Apple is keeping mum about all the iPhone 8 release date 2017, specs and price speculations. However, the premium smartphone is expected to arrive sometime this year alongside the iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 7s.