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iPhone 6 may feature automatic unlocking

When Apple unveils Phone 6 this year, iPhone users tired of entering their password and passcode each time they seek to unlock their iPhone, may be in for good news.

Apple has filed a new patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) suggesting that password and passcode unlocking methods may soon be a thing of the past, which hints that iPhone 6 may feature automatic unlocking feature.

Well, not actually. The patent will help the iPhone identify whether it is on a known or unknown network and employ the security barriers only on the unknown networks while doing away with the process on known networks.

This means that if an iPhone user is on his or her home network or job network and has entered network information into the iPhone, he will not have to enter a password or passcode to unlock his or her device again and again.

This simple task will be carried out by the new patent titled "Location-Sensitive Security Levels And Setting Profiles Based on Detected Location".

It is interesting to note that Google has already debuted a personal unlock feature at Google I/O 2014 that resembles Apple?s newly-filed patent.

Apple will use GPS and Wi-Fi to determine the individual's new location for locations where network information has not been fed into the phone, and place strong security measures within the web browsing experience.

"If the available aspects match the previously defined location context, device behavior, configurations, or settings on a mobile device can be modified," according to Apple?s patent.