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iPad Pro 2 release date 2017 and specs update: Apple's new 12.9-inch iPad arriving this month?

Latest reports talking about iPad Pro 2 release date 2017 and specs are indication that despite drop in sales, Apple is not ready to give up on the iPad yet. While many other manufacturers are scrapping their tablet lines in favor of bigger smartphones, Apple still plans to release a line of new iPads in 2017.

The most highly anticipated of those new models is undeniably the iPad Pro 2.

Apple released the first 12.9-inch iPad Pro in November 2015, followed by the 9.7-inch model in March 2016. With that in mind, both tablets are overdue an update, especially the 12.9-inch model. According to MacWorld, the wait may not be all that long for the updated iPad Pro, which could be unveiled as early as this month. Reports from Apple’s Asian supply chain claim that new iPad Pro models and a new iteration of the Apple Pencil are both already being manufactured.

Apple traditionally holds its first event of the year in March and considering no new iPad models emerged at neither their September or October events in 2016, it’s a sure guess that Apple will use their first event of 2017 to focus on the iPad. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Apple will have new iPad Pro models ready for the event, and may instead focus on other iPad models.

Apple currently offers both 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch models of their current iPad Pro. According to TechnoBuffalo, Apple plans to build upon that range this year, with the introduction of a new 10.5-inch model iPad Pro, which falls between the already available 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch models. Apple will reportedly offer a 12.9-inch Pro, a 9.7-inch regular iPad, and a new 10.5-inch Pro, with the smaller model designed to offer a low-cost option with a lower-powered processor as well as a smaller screen.

Apple seemingly plans to radically overhaul the design of their iPad line with the release of 2017’s iPad Pro models. The iPad Pro 2 will feature a largely bezel-free screen, with no home button, for the first time in the iPad’s history. Reducing bezel sizes will reportedly allow Apple to fit a bigger display into a smaller form factor product. However, thinner bezels will come at a cost. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro will reportedly be 3mm thicker than its predecessor and Touch ID capability will have to be incorporated into the device’s display, with no dedicated home button.

Apple will also release an updated Apple Pencil alongside the new iPad Pro, with the last iteration released alongside the iPad Pro 12.9-inch in 2015. The new stylus will reportedly attach to the side of the iPad Pro, much like with Microsoft’s Surface Pro models. However, whether or not the new Apple Pencil will offer increased capability remains to be seen.

Apple is expected to release three new iPad Pro models during an event in March 2017.