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Zelda Wii U gameplay video released

Nintendo, world's largest video game company, revealed the video of the new Legend of Zelda game bound for Wii U at the game awards presented in Las Vegas.

The footage features Eiji Aonuma and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto giving a demonstration of the brand new game, slated for release in the next year.

Eiji Aonuma displays link discovering a vast open world. He establishes a waypoint which is visible on a world map in the Gamepad touch screen prior to setting off in the direction of his objective, riding Epona on the way.

The Bow was also seen, together with the capability to throw yourself off the back of Epona and discharge arrows in mid-air by way of a slow-motion sequence that gives you time to target your shots.

The gameplay video at E3 2014 has also shed light on a few details on its installment. Eiji Aonuma, series director affirmed that the game have lesser tutorials and multiplayer can be a possibility.

According to Nintendo, the brand new game will release exclusively for Wii U in the year 2015.