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X-ray gun to search for drugs, money, weapons

Though x-ray specs are still a thing for the future but we now have the world's first handheld x-ray gun, which can be used by the law enforcement agencies to search for explosives, guns and drugs in inaccessible places.

The device known as Mini Z is developed by American Science & Engineering and it makes use of the same Z Backscatter technology which is used in the large scanners at airports.

The beams coming out from this x-ray gun cannot penetrate organic tissue the way a medical x-ray does; rather they scatter off surfaces after falling on them.

The company said that it took them seven years to miniaturise the technology into a 9-pound handheld device. The gun can be used to scan cramped environments, such as the interior of a boat, or a wall to look for hidden drugs.

The beams cannot travel more than few feet. The Z Backscatter rays highlight metallic as well as organic materials and can be used to see currency, weapons and drugs. This gun is also capable of spotting a 3D-printed plastic gun.

The device has got a tablet attached to it and it displays an image in real-time, allowing quick scans of an object from different angles. It is quite easy to operate this deice, said the company.