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Wreckage of Myanmar military plane found in sea

Myanmar's military said Thursday it has found the wreckage of a plane in the Andaman Sea that went missing with around 120 people on board, along with several bodies.

A navy search ship found the bodies of a man, woman and child, as well as pieces of luggage, safety jackets and a tyre presumed to be from the aircraft's wheel.

The commander in chief's office confirmed wreckage had been found off the coast of Launglon, in southern Myanmar, on Thursday morning.

Nine navy ships and three air force planes had been dispatched in a desperate search for the aircraft, which disappeared on Wednesday afternoon as it flew from the southern city of Myeik to Yangon, Myanmar's commercial heart.

There was conflicting information on the number of people on board, but in the latest update the military said the plane was carrying a total of 122 people.

More than half of the passengers were from military families, including 15 children, along with 35 soldiers and 14 crew members, the army chief's office said in a statement.

Some were travelling for medical check-ups or to attend school in Yangon.

Search and rescue efforts continued Thursday morning as relatives of the passengers braced for the worst.

It is monsoon season in Myanmar but there were no reports of stormy weather in the area at the time.

The commander-in-chief's office said the plane lost contact with air traffic control at 1:35 pm (07:05 GMT) on Wednesday, about half an hour after takeoff.

The debris was found in the Andaman Sea, north of the last known location of Malaysia Airlines flight 370.