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Woman survives nine days in Arizona forest

Arizona forest officials said that a woman managed to survive for nine days on pond water and plants after getting lost in a forest.

The 72-year-old Ann Rodgers had been travelling with her dog from Tucson, Arizona, to Phoenix on 31 March. The woman had been planning to visit her grandchildren but she lost her way in the White Mountains and her hybrid vehicle ran out of petrol and electricity.

After a few days, Rodgers' emergency food and water also ended, forcing her to resort to desperate measures. She told Tucson TV station KOLD: "I was eating desert plants. My dog was too - diving into clovers and finding all the places that were easiest to go."

Rodgers's car was found three days after she became lost. Her dog was found on 9 April. Rescue crews kept on searching for her and finally found her after spotting a "help" signal made of sticks and rocks on the ground.

She was found nearby on the Fort Apache Reservation. Rodgers said that she cried after getting on the rescue helicopter. Rodgers was taken to hospital but later released