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Wisconsin primary: Cruz and Sanders beat opponents Trump and Clinton respectively

Washington: Republican presidential hopeful and Texas Senator Ted Cruz defeated Donald Trump in Wisconsin's presidential primary on Tuesday. With this win, Cruz sent a strong message to the Republican frontrunner that his nomination is not a done deal.

Meanwhile, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton was also defeated by her main rival Senator Bernie Sanders. It is notable that Sanders has now won six of the last seven Democratic contests and has emerged as a strong contender for the nomination from the Democrat's side.

The Wisconsin results are without doubt a strong blow for billionaire businessman Trump who became a force to reckon with last year but has faced setbacks in recent weeks during his campaign trail after making a series of controversial comments about abortion, NATO and nuclear weapons.

Cruz has now captured most of Wisconsin's 42 Republican delegates which means that it is now very tough for Trump to win the 1,237 delegates necessary to secure the nomination outright. If it happens then we are set to witness a contested convention in July when the delegates meet to choose the Republican nominee for the presidential election.

"Tonight is a turning point. It is a rallying cry," Cruz told cheering supporters in Milwaukee. "It is a call from the hardworking men and women of Wisconsin to the people of America. We have a choice, a real choice," he added.

The win in Wisconsin has cemented Cruz's status as the leading anti-Trump candidate, with Ohio Governor John Kasich far back in the nomination battle. But Cruz sounded quite positive in his victory speech positive as he kept on talking about his policy platforms.

He also turned his attention toward a possible general election face-off with Clinton. "Hillary, get ready. Here we come," he said. Cruz also expressed confidence that he could earn the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination.