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Windows 10 Mobile OS and Windows Phone devices going to end?

Despite Microsoft's best efforts, the Windows 10 Mobile OS and the Windows Phone devices have failed to taste success.

Microsoft has taken several measures to push its devices and products forward into the markets, but the company did not manage to achieve its goals.

After losing tens of billions of dollars over the Nokia deal, the Redmond-based firm has been bleeding money all over.

Microsoft's market share is also falling with every passing day. The Windows Phone devices were at 3% of the market share in 2014-15, and it fell down to 1.7% in the year 2015-16.

It is expected that Microsoft will do better with the arrival of the Windows 10 Mobile OS. But things are still not looking good for Microsoft.

Microsoft has already sold out a portion of their mobile phone devices to HMD Global and FIH Mobiles.