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Why CM Kejriwal is refusing to meet Okhla Dengue activist?

With the arrival of monsoon, Delhi is once again in the grip of mosquito-borne diseases and the most dreaded among these is Dengue. Last year Okhla was one of the most badly affected areas from Dengue in Delhi where over 200 people died from the disease.

Sad part is that these deaths could have been avoided, if timely steps had been taken to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and proper arrangements were made for the treatment of sick.

This year, area activist Mohammad Pervez, has been trying hard to meet chief minister Arvind Kejriwal to make him aware of the situation in Okhla and seek government's help in preventing last year's situation from repeating itself. But sadly, CM's office has not given him a positive reply so far despite repeated attempts.

CM's secretary, Mohammad Pervez tells us, offers one excuse or another to refuse appointment.

Area resident and social activist Vakil Johri told us, "Last year despite repeated pleas for help and timely action, Aam Aadmi Party which is in power and its volunteers did nothing to prevent or manage the calamity. All they did was get their photographs clicked. Because of the cover up and negligence of the local AAP leadership, these deaths were not registered as Dengue deaths and MCD reported only 10 deaths from Dengue."

Mohammad Pervez along with other concerned citizens of the area have been trying hard to get the attention of local leaders as well as top leadership, including CM Kejriwal, but to no avail. They say that they have given up of the local MLA as he is not at all interested in doing any thing constructive to fight the menace of Dengue.

This year with the arrival of monsoon rains, the area is mostly flooded, there is water logging at several places where mosquitoes are breeding in plenty. Already a 12-year-old girl has died here from Malaria.

Another activist Mohammad Ahmad said, "You can see waterlogging at every nook and corner of Okhla these days where mosquitoes are breeding. Then there are countless construction sites of builders who have the patronage of area MLA, where construction material lies strewn around and waterlogging is rampant."

Clearly the situation is a ticking time bomb in Okhla and if nothing is done soon, this year the dengu menace could be bigger than last year. Question is, why the chief minister of Delhi is not interested in hearing about this?