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France's Iris Mittenaere wins Miss Universe 2016-2017

Sunday night at the Miss Universe 2016-2017 event was full of jokes about host Steve Harvey messing up last year's announcement of the winner of the title.

Before we reveal who won Miss Universe 2016-2017, let's take a look at what all happened before the final announcement.

At the 2016-2017 Miss Universe Pageant, performers included Boyz II Men and Flo Rida, who sang as the contestants strutted across the stage in swimwear as well as beautiful evening gowns.

The final three contestants included Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier, Miss France Iris Mittenaere and Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar.

Upon announcing the answers about this year's winner, Harvey joked that the names better be correct. The second runner-up for Miss Universe was revealed to be Miss Colombia. This meant that it was down to Miss Haiti and Miss France.

And just before the winner was announced, the current Miss Universe brought host Harvey out a large pair of reading glasses. And the winner is … Miss France Iris Mittenaere.

Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier's platform tonight was all about strength. She pushed empowering women and about how strong the women are in her country. She believes in making the most out of life and talked about the earthquake that literally rocked the lives of her community.

Miss Colombia stresses the importance of education and about how young people need good role models. She hopes to be a good example to others and believes that women can be just as good of role models as men.

Miss France Iris Mittenaere is currently a student of dentistry and hopes to pursue a career in the field one day. Miss France loves to cook and believes in the love and passion of her country.

In the end host Steve Harvey signed off by announcing, "I'm Steve Harvey and I got it right!"