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When Is Next Democratic Debate? Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton - All Out Battle For Survival In NYC

Washington: After Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders victory over Hillary Clinton in the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday, voters want to know when the candidates face off in their next debate. Sanders and Clinton have not met on a debate stage since March 9.

Since that last debate, Clinton won primaries in 6 states, whereas Sanders has won caucuses in 5 states plus a primary in one, Wisconsin. Clinton also took the caucus vote in the North Marianas Islands.

Their respective victories have put Clinton in control of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, leading by 214 pledged delegates, and nearly 2.4 million votes, heading into a series of delegate-rich eastern state primaries in which Clinton is favored to emerge victorious.

However, Sanders has won 5 of the last 6 contests and four in a row, allowing him to claim momentum in the race, making the New York primary on April 19 a potential turning point in the campaign for both Sanders and Clinton.

New York will offer 247 pledged delegates to allocate between Sanders and Clinton based on their vote totals, both statewide and in each of the state's 27 congressional districts ? but given his large deficit, Sanders have to win the vote there by a wide margin to gain adequate delegates to put a dent in Clinton's lead.

In New York, Sanders trails Clinton by 10 percentage points in the latest poll released by YouGov survey concluded April 1, and by approximately 16 points in the polling average compiled by the election-projecting site FiveThirtyEight.com. So, Sanders have less than two weeks not only to close a gap of at least ten points, but to gain at the very minimum four of five additional percentage points on Clinton.

The New York debate, which will be the 9th between the two candidates, is now scheduled for April 14, but it almost didn't happen, as the two traded bitter barbs for about a week.