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We never intended 'Super Mario Run' to be a free-to-play game: Shigeru Miyamoto

Nintendo's "Super Mario Run" is going to be available this week for all iOS devices. In an interview recently, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of "Super Mario," revealed some details about the creative process behind Mario's first smartphone game.

"This time from the very beginning we decided that we wanted to make the very simplest Mario game that we possibly could," Miyamoto told Glixel. "Gradually, Mario games have become more complex an it?s harder for people to control now. This time we started off with the idea 'what if we made a Mario game where all you do is jump and everything else is handled automatically?' Then we had to think about how we could take that basic structure and make it fun."

Miyamoto also talked about his role in the development of "Super Mario Run." He said that he is focused on the structural framework of the game which allows him to easily decide what needs to be changed. You should know that Miyamoto has been working with the same core team now for 30 years.

"We just really trust each other, and that came into play with ?Super Mario Run? because it was easy for us to drill down and know what we should and shouldn?t do on mobile. We aligned very quickly," Miyamoto added.

Miyamoto also responded to the question how and why they decided to partner up with Apple for "Super Mario Run." He said that Nintendo has been talking a lot about making a smartphone game for a long time now. When Miyamoto's team came up with the idea of "Super Mario Run," they decided to show it to Apple.

Miyamoto said that Nintendo and Apple have very similar philosophies when it comes to trying something new. interestingly he revealed that they never really intended for "Super Mario Run" to be a free-to-play game to begin with. "We really didn't want to do something in the free to play space, but in order to make sure we had the opportunity to do what we wanted [offer a taste of the game for free, and charge $9.99 to unlock the whole thing], we had to talk to the people who are actually running the shop," Miyamoto said.

"Super Mario Run" will be available on Dec. 15 at the Apple App Store. Miyamoto confirmed to Mashable that the game will only work while a user is connected to the internet, a feature that would curb any attempts at pirating the game.