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Was Yelp being fair in firing Talia Jane?

Washington: A major debate started on the Internet this weekend when Yelp sacked one of its customer service agents, Talia Jane, hours after she posted an article to Medium entitled, An Open Letter To My CEO.

Jane's open letter was focused on the inferior level of compensation she was offered when compared to her Bay Area living expenses, be it rent, groceries, electricity, internet, transportation and so on. The letter?starting out with ?Dear Jeremy??was presumably intended for Yelp Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Stoppleman.

"I didn't want to become a cliche or drown in student loans," she wrote in the letter indicating the reason why she chose her academic path. As the proud holder of a Bachelor of Education degree, my back was already up against the wall.

Jane settled on a role in customer service at Yelp in order to transfer into Yelp's Media department, her true passion. But she was initially perplexed after being hired. When Jane finally arrived at Yelp she was informed she would have to work in her customer service role for at least a year before being able to move to a new department.

In her open letter, Jane continued to lament about life to Stoppleman. "I haven't bought groceries since I started this job," she decried. Other fits of discontent included, "I'm still being trained for the same position I've got?" and "Will you pay my phone bill for me?" and "Should I sell my car?"

"Instead of telling you about all the ways I'm withering away from putting my all into a company that doesn't have my back. Maybe instead, you can help set up something to allow Eat24/Yelp employees to get food from local food banks and soup kitchens? Because [the coconut water tastes] like the bitter remorse of accepting a job that can't pay a living wage," she added.

Jane ends her open letter with the following: "Anyway, those are my thoughts. I know they're not worth your time - did you know that the average American earns enough money that the time they would spend picking up a penny costs more than the penny's worth? I pick up every penny I see, which I think explains why sharing these thoughts is worth my time, even if it's not worth yours."