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Waiting for Mr. Perfect? Better settle for Mr. Ok, study cautions

A new study conducted by evolutionary researchers has found that settling for "Mr. Okay" is way better than continue waiting for the so-called "Mr. Perfect."

Michigan State University researchers studied the evolution of risk aversion and found that it is human nature to go for the safe stake when chances are high, like whether or not we'll mate.

"An individual might hold out to find the perfect mate but run the risk of coming up empty and leaving no progeny," explained co-author Chris Adami, professor of microbiology and molecular genetics at Michigan State University.

He added that humans either choose to mate with the first potentially inferior companion and risk inferior offspring, or simply keep waiting for Mr. or Ms. Perfect to come along. Adami noted that if we keep on waiting then there are high changes that we risk of never mating at all.

For the study, Adami and his co-author, Arend Hintze, an MSU research associate, used a computational model. They used the technique to trace risk-taking behaviors through thousands of generations of evolution with digital organisms. The researchers programmed the organisms to make bets in high-payoff gambles.

"We do not all evolve to be the same. Evolution creates diversity in our acceptance of risk, so you see some people who are more likely to take bigger risks than others. We see the same phenomenon in our simulations," Adami added.

The findings of the study were published in the journal, Scientific Reports.