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WageSpot App Outs Employee Pay

A WageSpot smartphone application released in the United States on Tuesday addresses a historically taboo topic - how much people get paid.

The app allows people to secretly report their incomes and then go on to see how much others are making.

WageSpot founders reasoned that though internet has put information within easy reach, salary information has remained hidden behind veils of complexity and social stigma.

WageSpot applications are free to download and people can try them for some time before registering themselves by entering their job title, salary and location.

Information supplied by those who register is added to a database already consisting of publicly available salary information about government workers, corporate executives, and professional athletes.

WageSpot also wants users to share how satisfied they are with their jobs so the app can generate maps of corporate campuses showing whether people love where they work.

Revenue is likely to come from recruiters interested in talent that they can encourage. Los Angeles-based WageSpot on Tuesday also started a KickStarter campaign to raise $10,000 pay for a year's worth of entree to Google mapping technology to power location features at the service.