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Verizon pushes out Android Nougat for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Verizon Wireless on Friday started pushing out the Android 7.0 Nougat update to all LTE-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 devices on its network, as shown on the newly revised support page for the device.

The largest mobile service provider in the United States released a new update for the tablet only days after Samsung itself started distributing it and is the first wireless carrier in the country to do so.

The latest software package for the Galaxy Tab S2 ships with the software version NRD90M.T818VVRU1BQE1 and is approximately 1.2GB in size, with the company suggesting consumers download it over a stable Wi-Fi connection in order to avoid unnecessarily eating into their limited mobile data plans.

Also, owners of the Galaxy Tab S2 are urged to either leave the tablet to charge or make sure it has at least 50 percent of battery left before they initialize the installation procedure.

The new software package for the Galaxy Tab S2 is being distributed by Verizon as an over-the-air (OTA) update, which is a standard industry practice and entails a staged rollout that may take several days to be completed.

Like all other Android devices, Verizon's Galaxy Tab S2 scans for new updates periodically and will prompt you to download Android 7.0 Nougat via a push notification once the software is available.

Users who are keen to get the new version of Google's operating system as quickly as possible can try scanning for Android Nougat manually by navigating to the Settings app, opening the "About device" section and tapping the "Download software updates" on the following screen, which will trigger the update to download if it?s already available in their territory.