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Upset with political parties, Qutubuddin Ansari, 'Face' of Gujarat riots, says 'stop using me'

Years after he was involuntarily crowned the face of Gujarat riots, Qutubuddin Ansari finds himself "used" by the Congress for the West Bengal and Assam assembly elections.

Ansari is displeased with the Congress, which is trying to attract the electorate by using his grief-stricken photo. He said whenever a political party uses his photo for political gains, his life becomes miserable, according to Mumbai Mirror report.

Ansari said that it's been fourteen years since 2002 riots happened, but he continues to be misused by political parties, Bollywood and even terror outfits.

Congress issued a full-page advertisement featuring Ansari on the last day of campaigning in Assam and questioned Narendra Modi's Gujarat model of development.