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US Presidential Elections 2016: Donald Trump doubles-down on allies paying more for US protection

Washington: Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Sunday doubled-down on his comments that the US should "do a better deal" with Japan, South Korea and other allies, saying these countries must be asked to pay more for America's protection.

Responding to questions at a Fox News Channel "On the Record' town hall two days before the Wisconsin primary, the billionaire businessman said that raise raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will not help businesses.

"If you start raising that minimum wage, you're going to make a lot of our companies even more non-competitive," he said.

Trump also delved into his plans to change the nation's tax code by "simplifying" it.

"The very rich are probably going to end up paying more, but there's an incentive for them to invest and create jobs in the country," he said.

The Republican presidential hopeful also pledged to repeal ObamaCare but stopped short of offering specifics about what would replace it.

Trump made these comments after spending a full day defending his controversial statements on abortion, comments about Ted Cruz's wife and the continued participation of the US in NATO.

Referring to the deals inked by the US to defend countries such as Japan, Germany, and South Korea, Trump said that it as an example of how the U.S. is a "policemen to the world." "We defend all these countries, we're not properly reimbursed for the kind of money that we're spending," he said.

"We cannot spend billions and billions and billions of dollars on defending all of these countries," he added.

In recent days, Trump has sparked controversy by suggesting that NATO is obsolete and "some form of punishment" is needed for women who have abortions if the procedure were illegal. "I could have done without the tweet," Trump said earlier in the day on "Fox News Sunday."