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US Elections 2016: Cruz sweeps Colorado as Trump campaign issues ballots with mistakes

Washington: Republican presidential frontrunner Senator Ted Cruz ended the Colorado's delegate fight with overwhelming victory, while main rival Donald Trump ended the fight with a disorganized and frustrated campaign full of mistakes.

Cruz managed to win all 13 of the delegates up for grabs on Saturday, completing a clean sweep. Delegates endorsed by Cruz's campaign won all seven Congressional District conventions held over the last week as well, which added another 21 delegates. Another three slots are reserved for state party officials.

"Today was another resounding victory for conservatives, Republicans, and Americans who care about the future of our country," the Cruz campaign said in a statement Saturday night.

Trump's campaign was not expecting anything from Saturday's contest, claiming the state's unfavorable demographics will not work in favor of Trump.

Trump's supporters in Colorado expressed frustration with the campaign's chaotic and uncommunicative campaign. "We could have had some things going, but the campaign decided to not put resources here," Becky Mizel, a former Pueblo County GOP chair and Trump delegate candidate, told NBC News.

Trump backers were seen on Saturday passing out flyers at the convention site with official campaign slate of 13 delegates and 13 alternates accompanied by their three-digit number position on the 600-plus person ballot. But seven names mentioned on the flyers directed people to the wrong number and one delegate's name was misspelled. It is surprising an erroneous number even corresponded with a Cruz supporter. A second flyer distributed by Trump backers contained four mismatched names and numbers.

On Thursday, a Trump slate of three names in the 7th Congressional District convention contained two that were not listed on the ballot. The campaign's state director, Patrick Davis, said they were unable to pay the necessary fees to qualify.