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UFC 207 shocker: Amanda Nunes destroys Ronda Rousey in 48 seconds

On Friday night, sadly Ronda Rousey's comeback at UFC 207 ended in misery as she was beaten by Amanda Nunes in 48 seconds. Brazilian Nunes stopped Rousey inside a minute to retain her bantamweight title on a painful night for the former champion.

It was awesome for Nunes but Rousey just didn't seem the champion she used to be.

It was right hand after right hand. Nunes obliterated Rousey, who showed no defense at all. She just didn't show.

Nunes walked Rousey down. Big punch sequence plastered Rousey. Referee Herb Dean had to step in to stop the contest and Rousey went down.

After winning the fight Nunes said people should forget Ronda Rousey. What happens if they do? Will fans follow Nunes and others, or was Rousey's draw so prolific that her destruction means hard times ahead for the women?

"I love that because I can show this up. I stop it like that. When I asked for this fight I know everything. I prepare in my mind, my spirit and body for this moment. I know Ronda Rousey is bigger. I know they love Ronda Rousey. But no one is taking this belt from me," Nunes said.

Nunes watched a replay of her fight. She said, "This is amazing. Before I walk out, we talked because this moment is my moment. She had her time. She did a lot for this sport. Thank you Ronda Rousey ? I'm the champion, the Lion!"