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Type 1 diabetes cure close to reality? Harvard, MIT scientists say so

Boston: Type 1 diabetes also known a juvenile diabetes is one of the most common diseases that impacts nearly five lakh children under the age of 15. It's a lifetime condition in which the body stops making insulin as a result of which blood glucose levels keep on changing.

The condition can be controlled with medicine but till now there's no cure for it. Now scientists from Harvard and MIT have claimed that they have discovered a possible cure for type 1 diabetes in insulin-producing cells generated from stem cells.

Doug Melton who headed the research generated human islet cells from human stem cells which were then transplanted into mice. These cells then immediately started manufacturing insulin. The team was able to prove that they could stop the cells from being attacked by the body's own immune system. With the help of these cells, the scientists were able to stop the diabetic condition for six months. They are now working to replicate the result in humans with type 1 diabetes.

Senior author of the study Daniel Anderson said that they are now aiming to improve and further advance the technique.

The findings featured in the journals Nature Medicine and Nature Biotechnology.