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Trump 'whining' over GOP nominating process: Ted Cruz

Washington: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz involved himself in the controversy over the Republican party's nominating process Monday, accusing his competitor for the GOP nomination, Donald Trump, of "whining" over Cruz's win of Colorado's delegates for this summer's Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Cruz said, "Donald has been yelling and screaming. A lot of whining. I'm sure some cursing. And some late-night fevered tweeting."

Cruz again targeted Trump at an appearance in San Diego, saying, "As we know in the state of California, whine is something best served with cheese."

Trump linked the Colorado controversy to next week's New York primary, where polls show him holding a huge lead over Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Talking to host Mike Gallagher in an interview, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus retaliated Trump's claims Monday saying that convention system used in Colorado is "not an affront to the people of Colorado. It just is what the rule is."

The top two in the Republican party delegate race are trying to outwit each other in state gatherings where the delegates who will attend the summer convention are being selected.

Cruz's campaign has used a more strategic approach to picking up delegates, which, regardless of Trump's current lead, are crucial if he wants to reach the 1,237 delegates required to win the nomination.