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Trump appoints H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser

Palm Beach, Florida: US President Donald Trump appointed Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster as his new national security adviser on Monday. McMaster is a widely respected military strategist known for challenging conventional thinking and helping to turn around the Iraq war in its darkest days, reports the New York Times.

Trump made the announcement at his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he interviewed candidates over the holiday weekend to replace Michael T. Flynn, who had to resign after withholding information from Vice President Mike Pence about a call with Russia's ambassador.

General McMaster has no links to Trump and is not said to be as ideological as the man he will replace.

The selection comes as a boost to Republicans who like General McMaster and waged a behind-the-scenes campaign to persuade Trump to select him.

"He's a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience," Trump told reporters as General McMaster sat next to him. "I watched and read a lot over the last two days. He is highly respected by everyone in the military, and we're very honored to have him."

General McMaster thanked Trump saying, "I'm grateful to you for that opportunity," adding, "and I look forward to joining the national security team and doing everything that I can to advance and protect the interests of the American people."