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Trillions of plastic pieces found in oceans: Study

An incredible 5.25 trillion plastic pieces can be seen floating in the oceans across the globe, according to a recent study. These plastic pieces weigh around 269,000 tons.

The researchers in their endeavor to ascertain the quantity of trash, went on ships and gathered small plastic pieces with nets, post which they deployed computer models.

The researchers found out that thrown away fishing nets as well as buoys were the biggest source of plastic by weight. The researchers also discovered toys, bags, bottles along with other debris in considerable quantities.

During the course of the study, one thing that surprised the research team was that they found one-hundredth of as many small plastic pieces as they anticipated.

This shows that the smaller fragments wind up deeper in the ocean or are eaten up by fishes and other marine life, who on consuming the chips of plastic, absorb the contaminants and pass them on to predators who devour them.

The study was published on Wednesday in the journal PLOS one.