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Top 10 New Species 2014 listed

Top 10 New Species 2014 list. A fuzzy-faced, tree-living carnivore, a transparent snail and anemones which can cling to ice have been named among the top new species discovered in 2013.

The list is put together by the International Institute for Species Exploration at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and it highlights the most amazing species found last year. According to the institute, the Top 10 New Species have been selected from a field of 18,000 newfound species named in 2013.

"The top 10 is designed to bring attention to the unsung heroes [who are] addressing the biodiversity crisis by working to complete an inventory of Earth's plants, animals and microbes," Quentin Wheeler, the president of the college, said in a statement. "Each year a small, dedicated community of taxonomists and curators substantively improves our understanding of the diversity of life and the wondrous ways in which species have adapted for survival."

Among the new species named, the cuddliest is the olinguito (Bassaricyon neblina), a mini-carnivore that lives in the trees of Andean cloud forests. The animal is not new and it is found in some zoos too but when researchers examined the skulls of this creature and its relatives they were surprised to know that they have found a new species.

Meanwhile, in Antarctica, scientists with the Antarctic Geological Drilling Program (ANDRILL) found sea anemones beneath the ice. The anemone burrowed themselves into the ice and extended their tentacles in order to filter-feed themselves from the water below. The species is named Edwardsiella andrillae and this is the first-ever anemone known to live on ice.

The shrimp Liropus minusculus was found in a cave on Santa Catalina Island off the coast of California. The length of the males of the species is only about an eighth of an inch, and females measure less than a tenth of an inch (2.1 mm). The shrimp have translucent bodies.