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Tesla update allows owners to 'summon' their Model S

Tesla update allows owners to 'summon' their Model S - Electric-car maker Tesla on Saturday rolled out a software update to its Model S all-electric car. The update, version 7.1, is loaded with several tweaks to the automatic features of the car. The update has also got a brand-new beta addition which is quite useful for owners as they can use the new feature to park their vehicles when they're standing outside of the car.

"To prepare to park your vehicle, align Model S within 39 feet of the final parking space so Model S can move straight into the space in either Drive or Reverse. With Model S in Park, stand within 10 feet of the vehicle and press and hold the center button on your key fob until the hazard lights flash continuously. While the hazard lights are flashing, press the trunk button once on the key fob to drive Model S forward into the parking space or the trunk button once on the key fob to back Model S into the marking space. Model S will move up to 39 feet or until the sensors detect an obstacle, at which point parking is considered completed and Autopark will shift the car to Park," read Tesla's update notes.

The Summon mode has some nuances too. Firstly, you will need to enable the feature within the control panel of your car before it'll even work (found within the Driver Assistance section of the Settings menu). It is notable that the Summon mode has some flaws too as it is incapable of detecting certain objects in your garage. Tesla has suggested the cars' owners to use the mode on flat driveways.

"You must stay in proximity to your vehicle and continually monitor and maintain control of it when using this feature. You should only use this feature on private property," read Tesla's notes.