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Supreme Court cancels Shahabuddin's bail

New Delhi: The Supreme Court cancelled the bail granted to former Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) Member of Parliament Mohammad Shahabuddin on Friday. The latter is facing criminal charges in around 50 cases.

Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan, who had filed one of the petitions, on Thursday argued before the apex court that Shahabuddin did not follow any rules and walked out of jail at will.

"The jail authorities were terrified of him," he said.

Bhushan was seeking cancellation of bail of Shahabuddin on the ground that if he be enlarged on bail, then the life of the last witness, who was testify in a case, would be in danger.

Bhushan had earlier on Monday told the SC that there were 45 cases against Shahabuddin, out of which nine are related to murder and ten are related to convictions.

After hearing the SC verdict, Chandrakeshwar Prasad, father of three men allegedly murdered at the behest of Shahabuddin, expressed satisfaction, saying he hopes Shahabuddin is put behind bars for life or is hanged for his crimes.

He added that it was Bihar government's lax attitude which led to the travesty of a dreaded criminal like Shahabuddin getting bail in the first place.

As per the SC verdict, now Shahabuddin will have to go back to jail.