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Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017: Lady Gaga bats for an America of inclusion

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017 turned out to be a spectacular affair as Lady Gaga literally blew the roof off at the NRG Stadium in Houston. For the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show, the roof, which was closed for the game itself, opened up to allow the singer to start her halftime set from on high.

Gaga set the mood right in the beginning, fusing snippets of "God Bless America" and the pledge of allegiance with "This Land is Your Land," Woody Guthrie's statement about an America of inclusion.

The singer performed the gay-rights anthem "Born this Way" soon after descending to the stadium floor like a Cirque Du Soleil high wire act in android boots and "Ziggy Stardust"-style makeup.

"How ya doin' tonight, Texas, America, world," she said. "We're gonna make you feel good."

And Gaga made sure to deliver on that promise. The set was mostly a fast, feel-good run through of some of Gaga's greatest hits. This time Gaga along with a bevy of dancers performed without high-profile guests.

She made a case for that '70s relic, the keytar, on "Just Dance," and blasted out zesty, if compressed versions of hits "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance" in what was essentially a 12-minute medley. "Million Reasons," performed at the keyboard, was the only downtempo track. Otherwise this was Gaga in uptempo mode delivering a visually striking show.