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Sreesanth set to be Tamil film hero

Sreesanth set to be Tamil film hero - Cricketer S Sreesanth is soon going to star in a big budget Southern film. The film will be made in Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil.

The movie to be directed by renowned filmmaker Sana Yadireddy, narrates a spicy story of a cricketer and IPL.

Announcing the details of the film, Yadireddy said, "The film will go on floors in September and we are planning to wrap it up in six months. The film will be made into 14 Indian languages, he said.

Sreesanth, who is also playing a negative role in Pooja Bhatt's bollywood film Cabaret, said he decided to act in movies as he wanted to "explore another side of life". Sreesanth said, "This is my debut film in South and I am going to work with a big filmmaker like Sana Yadireddy. I can't ask for more. I am looking forward for a good acting career in South."

When asked about the ban that the BCCI is still sticking with, Sreesanth said, "I will wait" till the apex cricket body in the country takes a positive decision.

The cricketer was cleared in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing case by a Delhi Court last month. Sreesanth said first and foremost he is a cricketer and he wanted to start over his cricket career once the ban imposed by BCCI is lifted.