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Sony E3 event: Destiny 2 release date moved up, PC release, summer beta dates announced

To the delight of fans, Destiny 2 had a presence at Sony's E3 event. Activision doesn't have their own show and Sony is on rather good terms with them this generation. The trailer was missing some important details but those were provided after the show instead.

Though the trailer offered a look at Ghaul, what everyone wants to know is when the game is coming in all its various forms.

So here's the full breakdown of the dates for the Destiny 2 betas, console and PC releases.

July 18th? Early Access PS4 Beta

July 19th ? Early Access Xbox One Beta

July 21st? Open Beta

Late August ? PC Beta

September 6th ? PS4 and Xbox One launch (moved up from September 8th)

October 24th? PC launch

A two month delay on PC is not unusual, but it sure will be a dampener for many hoping to play Destiny 2 for the first time on PC. You can still do that, but it's going to require a lot of waiting and willpower and spoiler dodging on your part.

So what else PS4 is getting besides a one day jump on the beta, that was spelled out at the show:

"Revealed today were the Destiny 2 PlayStation timed exclusives available at launch, which include a competitive multiplayer map, a three-player cooperative Strike, a blue and white colored ship, specialized gear sets, and an exclusive exotic weapon."