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Sonam Kapoor opens up about playing Neerja Bhanot and facing racism

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, who will be next seen in Neerja, says every role is challenging for her. Sonam, who is a trained actor, was in Delhi on February 15 to promote Neerja.

In an exclusive chat with IndianExpress.com, Sonam Kapoor spoke about racism, working in biopics and ban on Neerja in Pakistan.

Talking about the ban on Neerja in Pakistan, Sonam said that the film has not even been accepted for reviewing over there and they have to get a letter saying it has to be banned or not.

Sonam also said that with every film, Neerja was her most difficult and she is also more emotionally attached to it because it is a real person.

When asked to elaborate on her encounter with racism Sonam said, "I think sexism, racism is something that all people, any girl or woman faces. Any person of any colour faces racism everywhere. We as Indians are also racists, racism is not about colour, it is about religion, it is about what race you come from and that we face everyday. Like I said it is a preconceived notion, when we see a white skinned girl, we already have preconceived notions about her so that is also a definition of racism. We put them (white skinned girls) as background dancers in skimpy clothes so, there is a preconceived notion about them. That is basically a racist way of looking at things."

Neerja will hit theatres on Friday (February 19).