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Somnath Bharti dares 'Modi police' to arrest him

New Delhi [India], Sept. 12: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and Delhi MLA Somnath Bharti on Monday dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'police' to come and arrest him if there was truth to him or his supporters allegedly misbehaving with security guards at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) last week.

"The whole event is video recorded. The SHO of that area was present at that moment. What does the Modi police want to project by taking such an action after two days? Misusing the police like this, Modi ji and Amit Shah ji, you have lost the mandate. Is it not the result of the defeat that you have faced in Gujarat?" Bharti told ANI.

Bharti said if the residents of the capital's Gautam Nagar area have to go to AIIMS, they have to travel 3.5 kilometres.

"There was a gutter at the rear of AIIMS. During the Commonwealth Games, a parallel road was to be constructed to connect Aurobindo Marg. The AIIMS intentionally did not allow it. A huge portion of that area is now being used a parking lot. If the residents of Gautam Nagar are allowed to use it, they can easily reach AIIMS," he added.

Bharti said that the AAP has been raising this issue for the past two years.

"We called meetings many a time. The SDMC, traffic police, BWD officials came. Observations were taken from the CPWD. Everyone came other than the AIIMS. It has happened five times that we have sent them letters stating that if you do not come, we will consider it as your consent. In connection to that, the PWD has taken action," he added.

He said on September 9, the PWD reached there and broke the wall in their presence.

"Me along with some people were present there. The PWD, we don't have anything to do with it. Why isn't there an FIR against senior BJP leader Aarti Mehra whose complaint is pending in a Hauz Khas police station? Why isn't there action against Congress leader Jitendra Kumar Kochar whose complaint is pending in Malviya Nagar police station? The whole nation saw Modi ji and Amit Shah ji followed and spied on a girl...why isn't there an FIR filed on that?" he added.

Bharti said that the honest politics of the AAP is making the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) restless and the latter is doing something or the other out of this restlessness.

"By doing all this, Modi ji is digging his own grave and he will soon fall into it. Are there two CrPCs, two Constitutions and two IPCs in this nation? This is not my business...I am not a property dealer. Almost all the leaders of the BJP are property dealers. Almost every one of them has been involved in some act of corruption," he added.

Bharti said the police complaint and filing of a case are now part of his attire.

"Now it doesn't matter even if they arrest me, beat me up or shoot me. There are some bad people in every party. If there is even a bit of truth in the incident, then come and arrest me. I have uploaded all the videos on YouTube. The FIR was lodged two days after the incident as the AAP got tremendous success in the Kisan rally in Punjab," he added.

A case has been registered against Bharti and his supporters for allegedly misbehaving with the security guards of AIIMS.

It is reported that the incident took place on September 9 when Bharti and his men allegedly injured six security guards of AIIMS. An FIR has been filed at the Hauj Khas Police Station. (ANI)