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Skipping breakfast might not be bad for weight loss

The importance of 3 meals a day might be a myth because a recent study seems to suggest that breakfast is not essential to a good diet or losing weight.

A new study conducted by Cornell University demonstrates that skipping breakfast has no impact on weight gain and calories consumed the rest of the day.

Moreover, skipping the breakfast does not impact the metabolism and it also does not have any additional harmful effects on one's health.

According to the study, forgoing the morning meal might actually assist some people reduce calories, and reducing calories is the primary way that people lose weight.

Previous research has demonstrated a correlation between missing breakfast and being overweight, and several overweight dieters report that they are not hungry in the morning.

It must be noted that correlation does not mean there is any causal relationship between skipping breakfast and gaining weight.

Consuming extra calories just for the sake of not missing breakfast has not proved to be beneficial, and researchers have said that skipping a meal can help with calorie reduction.

This is the second peer reviewed study published in the last several months that said breakfast is not essential and it is fine to skip it for weight loss.

Though, the study did not conclude that it actually assists in weight loss, it is not harmful to weight loss, either.