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Skim milk could increase diabetes risk, study suggests

A new study published in the journal Circulation has found that low-fat dairy, like skim milk, increases the risk of developing diabetes.

The researchers derived that conclusion after studying the blood results of 3333 adults aged between 30 and 75 taken over 15 years.

The study?s leader Dr Dariush Mozaffarian said, "There is no prospective human evidence that people who eat low-fat dairy do better than people who eat whole-fat dairy."

It's still uncertain how full-fat dairy helps to lower diabetes. But there is guesswork that full-fat dairy works to control glucose and insulin in the body.

Dr Mozaffaria warned that the research results were preliminary and shouldn't be regarded as formal guidance on diet.

Mozaffarian told Time, "In the absence of any evidence for the superior effects of low-fat dairy, and some evidence that there may be better benefits of whole fat dairy products for diabetes, why are we recommending only low-fat diary?"

In the last two decades, full cream white milk volumes have constantly lost share in a progressively growing market from 67 per cent in the early-1990s to 50 per cent share of total drinking milk in 2014/15.