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Shocking footage of mega pile-up on Yamuna Expressway due to fog

A video has emerged showing the true extent of shocking pileup today morning on the Yamuna Expressway.

The video shows the pile-up in action with more and more cars ramming into each other even as people stand on the sidelines watching.

The accident was initially caused by a bus overturning, with cars ramming into the bus subsequently. Nearly a dozen vehicles can be seen in the video at last count.

At least 18 vehicles are said to be involved in the accident.

Policemen can also be seen trying to do what they can, from the sidelines.

However, with visibility near zero and no beacons or lights present, the cars continue to pile up one after the other.

The Yamuna Expressway is one of India's fastest, and connects the Delhi suburb of Noida with the tourist city of Agra.

Accidents are not a rarity on the expressway, on which cars can easily travel at 200 kmph.

However, drivers typically slow their cars to a crawl when visibility is near zero, as seems to be the case at the time the video was shot.

Despite this, even at around 40 kmph, drivers were clearly having trouble seeing the pile-up ahead of them and continued to ram into the cars one after the other almost at full speed.

Onlookers were heard complaining about police inaction, and urging them to stop the cars ahead of the accident spot instead of letting them ram into one another.