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Shocking! Govt demolishing historical mosque despite court's stay order

In a upsetting turn of events, an ancient and historical mosque in Nizamuddin area of Delhi, known as Laal masjid, and the muslim graveyard nearby, have been taken over by CRPF, which has started demolishing the graves already. This, despite court's stay order against this move.

Social activist advocate Shahid Ali, who has been fighting the legal battle for the mosque and graveyard expressed his disappointment in the government on social media yesterday saying, "Under Modi government, now protectors of law are also not honoring court orders. See for yourself how police and CRPF are occupying Laal Masjid and adjacent graveyard and destroying the graves. Even when we showed them the court order and even read it out to them they did not stop their illegal occupation. When we said we are going to High Court to mention this, they said go ahead and do whatever you can. Shame shame shame!

Earlier, he wrote:

Height of injustice!

Waqf Board and so the government is the owner of the land but since waqf land belongs to Muslims so the central government has allocated it to CRPF to get it illegally occupied. Saket court ordered STATUS QUO upon this and specifically ordered that no harm should come to the mosque and the graves. But today, as part of an evil and well thought out plan, Delhi Police and CRPF have destroyed graves and occupied almost half of the graveyard and are planning to occupy the rest of the land too.

We hurriedly approached High Court with "Ask urgent mentioning" and got a stay order again at 5 PM . But sadly, police and CRPF still refused to honor the court order and continued putting up fencing and even set up camps.

When the orders of High Court are not being honored in the capital of the country, then you can imagine the state of things in other parts of India.

- Shahid Ali

This incident has caused a lot of anger and disappointment among Muslims of the country and is being seen as an effort to break them.

Now, it remains to be seen whether the government will take notice even now and do something to stop this injustice or turn a blind eye and confirm Muslims' perception that the government is working on a divisive agenda.