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Sheena Bora's diary reveals how she hated her mother Indrani Mukerjea and more

Sheena Bora's diary reveals how she hated her mother Indrani Mukerjea and more - The Sheena Bora murder case seems to get murkier and puzzling with each passing day. Now a diary that allegedly belongs to Sheena has surfaced. It bears testimony to how much Sheena hated her mother Indrani Mukerjea.

Accessed by DNA, the diary of Sheena has "slam notes from friends, phone numbers and letters to her father."

It is evident from the diary entries that Sheena "was sad about not being around her biological father Siddhartha Das and repeatedly urged him to come and visit her."

The letters to her father clearly suggest that Sheena was in touch with Siddhartha Das. However, Das has told the media that he was hardly in touch with Sheena Bora.

In one of the entries, Sheena asks Das for a certificate that could help her get scholarships for her further studies. The diary entry, marked June 28, 29 and 30, says that Sheena wanted her father to make expenditures for her future.

Sheena was also unhappy when Indrani married Peter Mukerjea. "And now she got married with that old man (Peter Mukerjea). Her this act to Aita & Kaka (Sheena's grandparents) seems very prestigious, very wise, but not in case of me. I hate her. I wish her soul gets condemned and even in hell. I have much grief, much tears to flow but when, where and in front of whom," wrote Sheena.

Aggressive E-mail exchanges between Indrani Mukerjee and Sheena Bora are already being investigated by the Mumbai Police. Sometime before Sheena's murder on April 24, 2012, around 20 heated e-mails were exchanged between Sheena and her mother prime suspect Indrani.

Investigators are hoping that these e-mails could unravel some clues to the motive leading to Sheena's murder, allegedly by Indrani, her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna with support from Indrani's driver Shyamvar Rai.