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Sharad Pawar on Gujarat riots: CM is responsible for the state

NCP chief Sharad Pawar today said that a chief minister will be held responsible if riots take place in a state under his watch. Pawar made the statement against the backdrop of the 2002 Gujarat riots.

"I am a chief minister and something happens in my state, I have to take the responsibility. I cannot say no. I may not be directly involved, but as a chief minister, as a home minister, as an administrator, I think it is my responsibility to protect the interest of the citizens," he told NDTV.

When reminded about his earlier statement in which the NCP supremo had said that people should stop blaming Modi for the communal violence as he has been exonerated by a court, Pawar said that it is important to accept the court's decision. "When judiciary has said something one has to accept," Pawar said.

Talking about the development in Gujarat, Pawar said that is not the contribution of one chief minister alone. "Gujarat or Maharashtra, they are developed states and it is not the contribution of one chief minister. Many chief ministers, right from Chimanbhai Patel and others, they have done a good job," the Union agriculture minister said.

Asked about the rapport he shares with Modi, the Maratha strongman said his equation with Modi and most other leaders was good. "My personal equation with most of the leaders, irrespective of parties, including Modi, is good," he said.