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Shambhulal Regar, who hacked Muslim labourer to death, makes new hate video from jail

Shambulal Regar, the Rajasthan man jailed for hacking a Muslim labourer from West Bengal to death two months ago, has released two new incendiary videos from what appears to be his cell in Jodhpur's central prison, raising question marks over the security apparatus.

The 36-year-old had killed and burnt the body of 50-year-old Mohammad Afrazul on December 6 last year, and all of it was recorded on camera. The extremely disturbing video clips of the hate crime were widely circulated before his arrest. Police in its chargesheet to the court has claimed that Regar killed his victim out of jealousy and a failed love affair and masked it with charge of "love jihad" to hide his motives.

In the new videos being circulated, Regar makes a long-hate filled rant against Muslims, urging Hindus to unite against "jihadis". Wearing a hoodie and reading the message from a paper, he makes repeated references to Islamic terrorism, love jihad and counterfeit currency.

He also claimed to have composed a "remix deshbhakti bhajan", which he wants everyone to play twice a day to instill a spirit of patriotism. He also demanded support from the masses for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In the second clip, he alleged a threat to his life from a prisoner from West Bengal. But he expressed no regrets for his crime. "I couldn't bear threats to Hindu women. I have ruined my life and I don't regret it. But I am sad about the fact that the law and the media showed illicit relationship with her and me," he said.

Two things stand out vis-a-vis the video Regar shot from his high security cell in Jodhpur central jail. First is that the huge jail complex in Jodhpur, which is considered to be the most secure jail complex after New Delhi's Tihar jail, has no jammers to block 4G signals, leave aside a mechanism to prevent smuggling of mobile phones.

In the past too, there have been reports of inmates using internet-enabled cellphones freely inside the jail complex. Regar is lodged in one of the three high security barracks in the jail.

The other is the context of his speech, in which Regar makes references to Israel's policy towards its neighbours. Regar had not even completed his matriculation and those close to him claim that he could not write. How was then the able to draft his speech and read it out from his cell? "I don't know how he spoke about Israel and boasted of analyzing the security situation of India when he could not even read. Something is fishy," said a local from Rajsamand.