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Sea-levels rising lot faster than estimates: Study

The sea levels have risen more than estimated in the past twenty years, which poses a major threat to coasts from Florida to Bangladesh, according to a recent study.

The report reconsidered the records from 600 tidal gauges and found that readings spanning the years 1901 - 1990 had over-projected the rise in sea levels.

On the basis of the present readings, the acceleration since that time was much more than anticipated until now.

Going by the report, the previous readings were influenced by factors such as subsidence.

The recent research conducted by Carling Hay, a Canadian scientist from Harvard University and study's lead author, "suggests that the acceleration in the past two decades is 25 percent higher than previously thought."

According to the study, the rise in sea level triggered by factors which include melting of glaciers, averaged around 1.2 millimeters (0.05 inch) on an yearly basis from 1901-1990 which increased to 3 mm per year in the last twenty years. This acceleration is apparently linked to a fast melting of ice.

The new research might impact the projection of the pace at which sea level will rise in future.

The recent study findings validate that the sea level is rising at a much quicker pace, and the current rate of rising sea level is the highest recorded till date.