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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 specs, features, price and release date: Which one will stand out?

This year is going to witness the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 specs, features and price comparison as the release date of both top smartphones is expected to fall in 2017.

So how do this year's flagships compare? We take a look at the various leaks and rumors surrounding Apple's iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

Tech experts are pretty confident that by now we know most of the new features, specs and design style of the Galaxy S8 and (to a lesser extent) the iPhone 8 already, at least enough that we can do a reasonable speculative comparison of how the two will most likely stack up when they arrive.

Ming-chi Kuo, a man you listen to when it comes to iPhone, said the Touch ID scanner is going away in favour of advanced facial recognition software and a "revolutionary" front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 comparison becomes all the more important because this year’s releases are looking likely to be much more of a big deal.

Samsung has some rather big plans for its Galaxy S8 releases. As before, Samsung will release two models. The big difference in 2017, however, will be the introduction of a new Galaxy S8 PLUS model which will reportedly feature a 4K display.

The 4K display is included, no doubt, for the purposes of VR, where 4K is needed for improved visual performance when using the handset inside a headset - there will also likely be compatibility with Google's Daydream View headset, as well as Samsung's own Gear VR. However, don't be thinking the regular Galaxy S8 will miss out on 4K resolution goodness - that's been rumored long before the idea of a PLUS model.

The larger, perhaps better-specced model of the Galaxy S8 could retail for a lot more than the standard model. Both handsets, however, will feature EDGE displays, as these have proven very popular with punters in the past 18 months. You can read a full account of what Samsung has in store for us with its Galaxy S8 Plus in our detailed break-down of all the Galaxy S8 PLUS rumors.

Coming to Apple’s iPhone 8, it’ll be the most expensive, feature an 5.8in AMOLED display and likely the finest camera we’ve ever seen the company put inside a phone. If the rumors are true about the iPhone 8 Pro, this phone will be extremely expensive and extremely powerful, adding in an extra level of performance on top of Apple’s already-established Plus model.

KGI Securities, reckons Apple will shift anywhere from 120 to 150 million iPhone 8 handsets before the close of 2017, besting its previous record with the iPhone 6 of around 110 million. Make no mistake, next year’s high-end phone space is going to be a very interesting – and expensive – place.

This year is also the iPhone’s 10th birthday and with iPhone 8, Apple is believed to be introducing a slew of new features, specs and a brand new design language.

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Major specs and features

iPhone 8

Display: 4.7, 5.5 and 5.8in 1920 x 1310 Curved OLED

Storage: 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB

CPU and RAM: A11 processor, 3-4GB RAM

Front Camera: 8MP

Rear Camera: 12MP dual-lens, dual-OIS, 4K video recording

Extras: Iris scanner, wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy S8

Display: 5.1 and 5.5in 2160 x 3840 Curved 4K Super AMOLED Display

Storage: 64GB internal, 256GB expandable

CPU and RAM: Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 or Samsung Exynos 9810 Processor, 4-6GB RAM

Front Camera: 12MP with wide angle lens

Rear Camera: 16MP, 4K video recording, optical image stabilization.

Extras: Iris scanner

As far as specs go you can expect the iPhone 8 to see a new A11 processor and M11 motion-coprocessor. But until those actually ship, there’s no way to tell how they compare against the rumored Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 or Samsung Exynos 9810 processor expected to be found in the Galaxy S8.

The past two generations of Apple’s A-Series chipsets have been remarkable pieces of technology, improving performance, power consumption and graphical prowess dramatically each and every year.

With the advent of higher resolution displays, more display real-estate and the very real possibility of a Pro model iPhone, this year’s A11 CPU could well be the most potent we’ve seen released in a good long while.

As for RAM, expect the Galaxy S8 to beat iPhone 8 straight away. Entry level iPhone 8’s might have 3GB or RAM with the Plus maxing out at 4GB. But the S8 could start at 4GB and max out at 6GB of RAM!

As for storage options, the iPhone 8 will likely max out at 256GB. It’s the breadth of internal storage that really beats the S8 here. Although, the S8 could actually end up with more storage. Even if it only offers 64GB internal, it would max out to over 300GB if it supports 256GB SD cards.

So it's a bit of a conundrum deciding who is the winner between iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Please note both the companies have not officially revealed and details about their next flagships so far.