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Roll-back demonetisation within 3 days: Mamata, Kejriwal to govt

Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday denounced the Narendra Modi-led Centre in fiery speeches at a protest rally in Azadpur Mandi, Delhi. Both leaders attacked the government for its decision to withdraw currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 from circulation and threatened to intensify their agitation if the government did not roll-back its decision to discontinue old currency notes within three days.

Mamata Banerjee dared the government to send those protesting against the move to jail, adding the fight will continue till the move was scrapped. "If you have courage, send us to jail or shoot us?But we will continue fighting," she said.

Banerjee also accused the government of trying to sell the country, saying that the prevailing situation was worse than the 1975 emergency. "They want to sell this country. They are trying to break the constitution. We cannot allow that," the TMC chief said at the rally.

After her, Arvind Kejriwal addressed the rally and took direct aim at Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusing him of helping liquor baron Vijay Mallya flee the country. He said while common people are standing in queues outside banks and ATMs, Mallya was having a good time in London.

The Delhi chief minister also slammed the government over the number of deaths of people while trying to exchange old currency notes. "Marriages are being broken and people are killing themselves?Who is responsible for their deaths?" Kejriwal asked.

Kejriwal also raised the issue of alleged bribes received by Narendra Modi in 2013 in Gujarat from the Birla group and called the demonetisation drive a Rs. 8 lakh crore scam being orchestrated to help few rich Indians who owe about Rs 8 lakh crores to the banks.