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Ready to face any action, won't compromise on my moral values: Devinder Sehrawat on AAP notice

New Delhi [India], Sept. 6: With the Aam Admi Party (AAP) gearing to take strong action against their own MLA Devinder Sehrawat for claiming the party's representatives in Punjab are "exploiting women in return for election candidature", the latter has asserted that he is ready to face any action and that he stands by what he said.

Speaking to ANI here, Sehrawat stated that he stands by what he has said as he said it with full responsibility, adding that he brought the issue out in the public domain so that the victims in the case could get justice.

"Whenever there is an environment of moral turpitude, exploitation of people and abuse of power, then the entire environment has to be sensitised. That can only happen when I come out in the public and let it get generated as a debate. So that in case a woman is suffering, she gets the courage of conviction to come out and feels that there are people who will stand by her," he said.

The MLA further said that that blaming him for having brought this subject to the notice of the party is absolutely short-sighted and a dogmatic approach, adding that he brought the matter to light only in the interest of the party.

"Now this only shows that there are certain elements who want to preach a kind of loyalty where dignity, courage of conviction, quality is secondary and sucking up to climb the ladder is the primary mood and that is a dangerous trend and is going to harm the party in the long run," Sehrawat said.

Asserting that he is open to any kind of action by action, the MLA stated that he will uphold his conviction and moral standards and will pay the price that certain people want from him.

Sehrawat, the MLA from Bijwasan, has written a letter to Arvind Kejriwal stating that he had heard about senior party members in Delhi and Punjab exploiting women on the promise of giving them election tickets.

Sehrawat admitted that he had no proof to substantiate these reports.

However, the AAP described Sehrawat's letter as the "rant of a disgruntled MLA". (ANI)