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Ranveer waits 3 hours for Deepika at the airport

Oh the things we do for love! Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh was spotted at the Mumbai International airport at 1 am after having waited for 3 hours in his car to welcome alleged lady love Deepika Padukone with a bouquet of pink flowers, according to a report by Mid-Day.com.

Ranveer had watched a late night show at a movie theatre before heading to the airport. The wait seemed worthwhile as Deepika got excited when she saw Ranveer waiting for her with the flowers.

The first official poster of Bajirao Mastani is out and has generated a lot of excitement. Deepika and Ranveer play the lead roles in the film, where Deepika will be seen as an archer.

Initially, the film's production team had decided to shoot the bow-and -arrow scenes with a professional archer and merge them with Deepika's close-up shots. But, the actress was eager to perform the stunts herself and underwent a training session in archery.

Deepika, who is known for her interest in sports, was spotted at the Wimbledon finals in London. Deepika's sister and mother also accompanied her.

Recently, Ranveer celebrated his 30th birthday. There were rumors that he had celebrated his birthday with Deepika. However according to a report on Mid-day.com, both the actors had the company of Deepika's family too.

As a part of Ranveer's pre-birthday celebrations, Deepika and Ranveer reportedly visited a 5 star hotel in Goregaon on 3rd July, 2015. However, according to a report on Bollywoodlife.com, the actors are presently holidaying in London. The report further stated that the couple was spotted at Terminal 5 of the Heathrow airport on 5th July, 2015.

Deepika thinks she looks best with Ranbir Kapoor on screen, while Ranveer shares a better on screen chemistry with Anushka Sharma, revealed Ranveer in an interview with Filmfare.

Ranveer even went down on his knees for Deepika at IIFA 2015. It was recently reported that the couple may make an announcement and exchange rings soon.

However, Deepika is maintaining a distance from her alleged beau Ranveer on the sets of Bajirao Mastani, according to a report on Mid-day.com. The report further stated that initially, the couple who loved spending time with each other between the shots, now prefers staying away.