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Rajinikanth's Lingaa is so ridiculous, its fun to watch!

Rajinikanth's latest release "Lingaa" has failed to impress the critics who call the film so ridiculous that its fun to watch as you laugh continuously.

The film in which the megastar is playing a double role will do business only because of the star power of the Tamil demi-god.

Lingaa (Rajinikanth) is a petty thief and grandson of Raja Lingeswaran, who is respected by people of the village of Solaiyur because he built a dam and a temple back in 1939. When an engineer is murdered in 2014 with a deer antler, one of the elderly gents in the village says that Raja Lingeswaran's descendant should be brought back to Solaiyur and the descendant to no one else but Rajni.

Lingaa, however, hates his grandfather because he has not left any money to his descendants and this is the reason why he prefers to call himself Lingaa and not Lingeswara, which is his original name.

KS Ravikumar has done good work with screenplay by following the central trick of William Wyler's How To A Steal Million. Anushka Shetty plays Lakshmi, a Solaiyur resident who has decided to take Lingaa back to the village.

After one heist and some illogical songs, Lingaa arrives in Solaiyur along with some of his buddies and then he learns the truth about his grandfather.

Lingaa director Ravikumar has failed to lay emphasis on screenplay and it seems that he has relied more on Rajni's star power. The music of the film is ordinary and its action sequences are nothing much to talk about.