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Punjab Election 2017: PM Modi goes after AAP at Faridkot rally, calls it 'outsider'

Kotkapura (Faridkot): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday took on the Aam Aadmi Party, calling it an "outsider" that is "dreaming of creating its own world" at the cost of Punjab and asked voters to send the party back from where it had come.

Modi, who was addressing a poll rally in the Malwa heartland, asked the people to vote for the SAD-BJP combine for the third time, warning that Punjab, as well as the entire nation, could face a "crisis" if the government led by any party other than the alliance comes to power.

"In this election, to destroy Punjab, it (AAP) is eager to create its own world at the cost of the state. Those who are having such dreams should be sent back to Delhi from where they have come," he said.

Modi also asked the people to first question AAP as to what it promised and the responsibilities it honoured in Delhi.

"Ask it to first fulfill its responsibility of that place (from where they have been elected). Fulfill the promises made to the people of Delhi," the Prime Minister said.

"When you elect the government you decide not only the fate of Punjab, but that of the country is also linked to it," he said.

"This is a border state and Pakistan is eagerly awaiting a chance to use the land of Punjab to destroy India. If non-serious (dheeli-dhaali) government comes, the government of outsiders is formed and government of those who lead luxurious lifestyle comes, then it is not that only the people of Punjab who will suffer, but the entire nation will have to face crisis," he said.

"Why do you have expectations from people who are used to speaking anything against anyone and those who did not even spare (social activist) Anna Hazare. Do you expect justice with Badal from such people," he asked.

Targeting AAP and Congress for their alleged "foul language", Modi said his party never indulged in bad mouthing of political opponents.

"We have fought against Congress. We used to say we will hold an inquiry and accused will be brought under the ambit of law...and we never say we will send this or that person to jail," he said.

"The nation has given us the power to uphold the law of the land. But today the kind of language is being used...They wanted to send (former Delhi CM) Sheila Dixit to the jail but now Dixit has been named the CM candidate for UP," he said.

Apparently targetting Kejriwal, Modi said, "But this is the (foul) language of a dictator...does a democracy run like this?"

"There could be a dispute between political parties and if the principle of democracy is broken, then the country will face harm," he said.