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Pollution is discoloring the Taj Mahal: ASI

Agra: Pollution is turning the world-famous Taj Mahal of Agra yellow, according to the Archeological Survey of India officials.

The officials said that the sewer lines surrounding the historic Taj Mahal and a graveyard close to the monument are the main sources of pollution.

The combustion of biomass at the graveyard daily releases carbon gases and dust particles which when combined with toxic gases coming from the polluted river Yamuna and the close-by sewer lines, settle on the monument's white marble. This causes its discoloration from white to yellow.

D.K. Joshi member of the Supreme Court committee to observe environmental dangers to Taj Mahal said that no suitable steps have been taken in the direction of ensuring the monument's security and safety. However, measures are taken from time to time to beautify the Taj Mahal.

Dr Bhuvan Vikrama, Superintending Archaeologist at Archaeological Survey of India said in a statement "The marble of the Taj Mahal is turning yellow because of the dust particles coming out of the environment. We are continuing our efforts to remove the dust particles and other harmful gases. So some portions get cleaned but deposition of dust and carbon particles also continue. As a result the process of pollution and cleaning go on happening in a cycle".

Growing industrialization and also urbanization are the major contributors to environmental pollution in Agra.