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Pokemon Go comes to Windows Phones

Good news for Windows users as Niantic has launched Pokemon Go clone on Windows 10 mobile.

A talented developer has managed to create a port of the game that runs smoothly on Windows 10 mobile devices. Built by the developer of Windows Phone app, One Auth, it has been named PoGo.

Here's how you can install Pokemon Go on Windows phone:

First register yourself on the Pokemon Trainer Club account. This can be done using an Android or an iOS device. Log into the Android or iOS version of Pokemon Go and configure all your trainer settings. Make sure to log out. On your Windows 10 mobile device, enable sideloading through 'Developer mode' in security settings. After that, download this appx file and this certificate. Copy these two files on to your phones. Launch the certificate and then the appx file.

This will enable the functioning of Pokemon Go. Use the credentials you used on the Android or iPhone device earlier, to log in. Now you should be able to access Pokemon Go.