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Pokemon Go Prestige Update: Calculate Maximum Prestige During Battles, Here's How

Niantic Labs has used the Pokemon Go Twitter in order to inform the players of this game about amount of "Prestige" gained while training at friendly gyms was changed again.

In the game, the players are required to train at a gym to increase Prestige to the maximum level of 10. The battle plans of the players are determined by Prestige.

In the earliest versions, a player was allowed to earn a maximum of 1000 Prestige points per battle in a friendly gym or a gym claimed for the team of the player. In July, the makers of the game lowered the maximum points to be won at a time to 500. But Niantic has now taken a new step and gone back to the original 1,000 for maximum Prestige accumulated in a game.

When the company decided to downgrade available Prestige, players made it a point to get around it by allowing their gyms to be taken over. But this move was not liked by many as it ruined the dynamic of gym battles and the attackers also got an edge over defenders.

This issue was raised by many players.